Webcam Zone Trigger

Webcam Zone Trigger 2.37

Detect motion from your webcam for security

Webcam Zone Trigger uses the webcam you have with your computer as a security device. Certain parts of the image taken by the webcam device can be selected as "hot spots," meaning that any motion within that specific zone will trigger an action by your computer. Webcam Zone Trigger performs actions like playing sounds, taking pictures, or even running commands on the computer. For example, if your computer detects motion in your office when nobody should be there, it can set off sirens, take pictures of the intruders, and send you a message. Additional uses of Webcam Zone Trigger include interaction for conference booths, statistic acquisition in productions, and notifcation upon motion detection. Overall, Webcam Zone Trigger is a useful application for anyone who wants to detect motion on their computers for security purposes or, potentially, for other purposes.